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I remember when I first got engaged - on Christmas Eve (my now hubby surprised the heck out of me btw) - that one of the first things I realized was HOW MUCH there was to do to plan a wedding!

And then I got married and realized how MUCH I wanted to be able to take in! Do you ever wish you could remember how you FELT even more than how something looked?  That was me on my wedding day. And it's what I try to do for your on yours! 

I try to keep things fun, and relaxed. I give you direction, but not so much that you can't enjoy the day. I want you to look amazing in your pictures, but also have time to hug all those people who are there to celebrate you. I will be your hair fixer, dress-fluffer, boutonnière-pinner, and your "magical fly-on-the-wall". 




MEET Micaela 

HI, friends! 
I'm a wedding + lifestyle photographer living in new england with my husband and i'm most likely bundled up because i'm cold. 
I love  traveling, dancing, making new friends and an occasional glass of wine.  when i read books I always underline things, when i drive, i often get lost, and when i laugh, sometimes i snort.   I can't draw or paint, and my writing  depends on the day. 

But I do love to tell stories. 

I've been photographing weddings and people professionally since 2014 and my favorite way to describe  my work is that i strive to capture whatever is lovely. (by definition, that means pleasing to the eye *and* the emotions) 
My goal is that you feel special and that you feel unique and that you feel beautiful. 
I want you to live your life, and when your emotions are at their highest, i want to help make sure you never forget them. 


I focus on photographing weddings + engagements, but lifestyle (anniversaries, families, and portrait sessions) photos have a special place in my heart and my biggest priority is always you! 

If you don't live locally, HAVE NO FEAR. I love traveling and am always willing to try to work something out for you! 

My wedding packages begin at $2,900 and lifestyle sessions begin at $450! 
Packages are customizable, and you can contact me for details or with any questions via the handy dandy contact link you see in the top left or by clicking HERE.

More things I love: 

- my husband (obvi) 
- my family (i have a big one) 
- friends (the real thing and the show)
- hugs (emphasis added) 

- autumn
- cheese (the way to my heart. not really..)
- fires
- sweet tea (born and raised a southern girl)



My husband and I felt strongly that we didn't want our wedding memories to be dominated by posed moments captured in a photograph, and Micaela was our magical fly-on-the-wall. She captured every moment, every feeling, every single sentiment. I cannot possibly recommend her any more highly! She helped me capture my dream-come-true without ever interrupting the magic of each moment." 
- Melissa, bride

fly on the wall"

"Micaela was our magical

Melissa & Mike 

"Micaela shot our wedding five weeks post baby and she did not miss a beat! She is the absolute sweetest, made everyone feel SO comfortable, stuck out the coldest April day with us and the photos we have seen so far are unreal."
- Jess, bride 

" Micaela didn't miss a beat...made everyone feel SO comfortable"

Jess & Jordan

"I did not even realize the amount of detailed photos she took until we got our photos back. She approached everything with ease and really allowed us to focus on our day. She was flexible and accommodating...she was so patient as we tried to gather family members and bride toddlers, and kept the group shots organized. Our photos were everything we wanted and more! We miss working with her, and really hope to work with her again someday."
- Erin, bride 

Focus on our day"

"She approached everything with ease and really allowed us to 

Erin + Matt

"What didn’t you do to help my wedding? Haha! I would say one of the most helpful things you did was wrangle my family for the group photos after the ceremony. Those photos were wonderful, and it didn’t take long at all to get everyone in position. One of the other things you did that everyone still comments on is how you captured the emotions of the day perfectly. With the photos of Jake and myself during and after the ceremony, and then the guests afterwards too."


"You captured the emotions of the day

Elizabeth & jake
a sunrise elopement

"Micaela produces work that is absolutely breathtaking. I never knew I could look so good! She's patient, sweet and always has these cute little games up her sleeve to play and make the picture process super fun! Highly recommend!!!"

so good"

"I never knew I could look 

Terri & Chris

"I LOVE the way you keep everybody posing, feeling natural, etc during the whole photography process. Posing can get so awkward for people, but we all just remarked on how awesome you are at keeping everything super fun, relaxed and non-awkward
I loved the categories of pictures you got... like such a great mix of "getting ready", wedding party, bride and groom, reception, etc. I felt like the variety was just perfect."

feeling natural"

"I LOVE the way you keep everybody

Allie & Daniel

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