April 15, 2020

Sam + Levi: Unplanned, but Perfect // COVID-19 Living Room Wedding

It was March 10th, or something like that…Samantha and Levi’s wedding was scheduled for March 28th and was going to kick my wedding season off for the year. Everything was going as planned – we were putting together the timeline, chatting about details, addresses, and all the moving parts that go into a wedding day.

Fast forward a week and COVID-19 was ALL over the news. Grocery stores were emptying, states were starting to limit gatherings over 250 people – “we’ll be fine”, I thought. Surely it won’t progress so quickly that it will affect their plans.

A few days later, Samantha and Levi had made the heartbreaking decision to postpone their big wedding celebration with all of their family and friends, but after some tears, some scrambling, and some phone calls, they decided they were NOT going to postpone the start of their marriage and their family. So, on March 28th, I drove to their home in NJ and spent a few hours in their living room and their front yard as we celebrated what was honestly one of the sweetest, most meaningful weddings I’ve been to.

Samantha got ready in her parents bedroom. Her childhood dog was at her feet, and her best friend sat on the bed chatting with her while she did her own makeup and hair (guided on FaceTime by her makeup artist). Levi helped Samantha’s dad and brothers set up their living room, and set a computer on a table so all their guests and friends could watch a livestream of the ceremony.

Afterwards, I distracted them with a first dance in the rain. (basically the most romantic thing ever amiright), while all their church family + friends lined up outside for a surprise drive by reception/parade! Not gonna lie, I cried. Their brought bubbles and horns and balloons and signs and so much JOY.

Sam & Levi’s wedding was such a beautiful, powerful display of love and community + what the covenant of marriage is really about. Even though their original plans had to change, it was just as meaningful, just as joyful, and just as full of love.

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